Our Students

We are proud to showcase our students a majority of which passed first time with only minor or no faults.

Ravi Badat

Passed: 18/9/2014

Michael Davison

Passed: 14/7/2014

Tom Shott

Passed: 21/6/2014

Nic Swift

Passed: 18/6/2014

Aaron Goodman

Passed: 4/6/2014

Jess Holland

Passed: 24/3/2014

Adam Riley

Passed: 21/3/2014

Dave Glover

Passed: 19/9/2011

Naomi Collins

Passed: 21/7/2011

Rob Anderson

Passed: 22/6/2011

Samantha Fitzsimmons

Passed: 3/2/2011

Danny Hutchinson

Passed: 1/2/2011

Chris Matts

Passed: 15/12/2010

Corey Scully

Passed: 16/11/2010

Gemma White

Passed: 17/8/2010

Laura Ramsdale

Passed: 11/8/2010
We Only Offer Fully Qualified Instruction

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